I’m sitting on my couch, close to tears. My Packers had just lost. Even their comeback in the first quarter did not help. I thought they had a chance when they went into overtime, but it was not meant to be. When Brett Farve threw the interception I felt horrible. I am sure that, at that moment, all that he wanted  to do was take that back. I wish that wouldn’t be his last throw, but I think it is. Last year he almost retired ,but he didn’t. Now I think he is. I watched the whole game just to see Farve play. I will still be a Packers fan, but it won’t be the same without him.


~ by chokanson on January 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Packers”

  1. It’s okay Chazzo! I think Bret will play another year. He was so close I think he will give it another try!!!


  2. At least your Packers did not go out and get a criminal like Pac Man Jones. Its enough to make a Cowboys fan cry.

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